Why You Need an Employment Discrimination Lawyer

5 April 2017

You need a Columbus Ohio employment discrimination lawyer any time you need to interpret, comply with or seek the protection of a law that makes it illegal to treat a worker unfairly or in a discriminatory manner. State and federal statutes, backed by libraries full of regulations and court decisions, cover everything from hours and wages to paid versus unpaid time off, sexual harassment and firing for cause. Making sense of all this requires expertise that employers and employees lack.

Failing to understand legal obligations puts employers at risk for costly lawsuits and enforcement actions by state and federal regulators. However, employees who do not know their rights or how to enforce them can be subject to discrimination, wage theft, physical abuse, bullying, or wrongful termination.

What an Employment Discrimination Lawyer Can Do for a Worker

Enlisting the help of an employment discrimination attorney is imperative when it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit for discrimination, retaliation, harassment, hostile work environment, or wrongful termination.

Proving that an employer has engaged in or permitted discrimination based on race, sex, national origin, age, religion, or disability is difficult. So is showing that a decision to demote, reassign, or fire an employee was made for discriminatory reasons or to punish a worker. Such cases, as well as ones involving any kind of sexual misconduct, can fall apart easily. An experienced and dedicated employment discrimination attorney will work hard to collect, organize, and present reports with witness accounts that support his or her client. The lawyer will also protect the employee’s rights to review employer’s records before trial and stand up for the employee during an arbitration or court hearing. findattorneys.org

A further reason for an employee to hire an employment discrimination lawyer comes when a company or agency initiates legal action against the worker for alleged breach of contract or criminal activity. In such a situation, the employer will have legal representation. So should the suspect or defendant.

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