What to Do if You or Your Child is Being Discriminated Against at School

6 July 2018

From preschool through high school, too many children face the kinds of overt and systemic discrimination that adults should never face. Unequal, and sometimes abusive, behavior by fellow students, faculty, and administrators can have negative effects across kids’ lifetimes, leaving emotional, psychological, and physical scars, as well as limiting career opportunities.

How to file a discrimination complaint against a school

Parents and guardians must take action to ensure that their children do not suffer from others’ prejudice or ignorance of what state and federal rules require. Fortunately, a range of laws have taken effect over the past 50 years to enforce fair and respectful treatment of all schoolchildren. These statutes and their accompanying regulations protect students from discrimination based on

Violations of these rules take many forms, from using different criteria to grade or punish minority students to bullying and dis proportionally funding athletics for boys. Schools may also fall short on their legal obligations to offer learning opportunities to disabled students that enable those students to perform and participate to the full extent of their capabilities.

Since instances of discrimination can be so pervasive, one of the first things a parent or guardian who suspects their child is being treated unfairly should do is speak with a civil rights attorney in Columbus, Ohio. The lawyer will recognize what constitutes discrimination and know what steps need to be taken to document the unequal or harmful policies and behaviors that are affecting the child. A Columbus school discrimination lawyer can also write letters to and meet with teachers and principals to describe the problem and propose solutions that correct the situation without a lawsuit.

When a school’s leadership cannot or will not act to end discrimination against a student or group of students, the next step may be to file an official complaint with the appropriate state or federal agency. A complex web of government offices handles these types of cases, but an experienced Ohio education discrimination attorney will know where to go to get the best results with minimal delays.

Agency processes related to investigating and resolving school discrimination are complicated and can be invasive. Partnering with a Columbus school discrimination lawyer will ensure that the rights of the affected student and his or her family are protected, and also that the family stays fully updated on developments in the case.

Sometimes, intervention from government officials fails to produce satisfactory results in ending discriminatory policies and behaviors. This makes filing a civil lawsuit with the help of a school discrimination attorney in Columbus, Ohio, necessary.

At The Calig Law Firm, our goal is to work with families and schools to recognize and end discrimination against students as quickly and decisively as possible. We will also, when necessary, fight hard for students in state and federal court to secure them equal access and opportunity, end abuse, and hold the officials who allowed discrimination to persist accountable.

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