How Will the Increase in Filing Fees for Bankruptcy Affect People Filing for Bankruptcy in Ohio?

5 May 2014

The number of bankruptcy cases filed per month in the state of Ohio is high. More than 3,300 individual consumers filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in June of 2013. During the same month, 1,387 people applied for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Such numbers have stayed consistently high for a number of years, and they will continue to increase with the unemployment rate being so high in Ohio. Recent news about the increased bankruptcy filing fees will impact the destitute Ohio citizens in a negative fashion. The number of people filing for bankruptcy will probably decrease due to their inability to afford it.

The rates for all bankruptcy filing fees have increased as per the United States Judiciary Conference. The cheapest bankruptcy chapter is the Chapter 7 version. The filing fee for Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases will rise from $306 to $335 as of June 1. The Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing fee will go from $281 to $310. Additionally, the Chapter 12 bankruptcy filing fee will be $275, which is a $29 increase from what it used to be.

The fees associated with other Chapters of bankruptcy will increase more than $500. The cost of a chapter 15, 11 or 9 bankruptcy will rise from $1,213 to an astronomical $1,717.

Ohio residents who have not yet decided on a course of action for their delinquent credit statuses may want to consider filing for bankruptcy before the date that the changes go into effect. A bankruptcy attorney can act quickly to qualify someone and get the process started to file the paperwork. As long as the process begins before June 1, the person will have access to the previous pricing.

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